OW ROASTER Add some fun and colour in your kitchen with our collections of decorated moulds!
  • Aluminium silk-screening technology

    The silk-screening technology allows to easily mould ensuring even heating performance

  • Non-stick coating

    Easily release all your preparations and smoothly clean after usage

  • Aluminium moulds

    Aluminium is the best heat conductor and guarantees a homogeneous cooking and golden brown results for perfectly cooked cakes.

  • Tefal, World n°1 in cookware * Independent panel 2016 data, brand value sales, cookware category definition

    Tefal is the worldwide leader in cookware.

  • 100% safe non-stick coating.

    No lead, no cadmium, no PFOA.

    Tefal: cooking healthy, thinking eco-friendly.

Material ALUMINIUM  
Outside coating/finish Non-stick coating  
Inside Coating/finish Non-stick coating  
Dishwasher safe