Tefal Actifry fryer for healthy and tasty meals every day

Guilt free pleasure

Bring the authentic taste of homemade French fries with less than 3% fat*, it's possible! Thanks to the revolutionary concept of Actifry® by Tefal, enjoy daily a completely versatile, nutritious and delicious food for all the family.

With the Actifry fryer,
do not ever feel guilty again
when enjoying good food!

Actifry plate: vegetables and salmon recipe Actifry plate: french fries and chicken recipe Actifry plate: fruits with sweet samoussas dessert recipe
Do not resist healthy and crispy French fries

Do not resist
healthy and crispy French fries

Cook crispy & delicious homemade French Fries, with less than 3% fat.

<h2>Enjoy healthy  <br><strong>and tasty meals every day</strong></h2>

Enjoy healthy
and tasty meals every day

Much more than a classic fryer, Actifry® can cook from starters to desserts, healthy and tasty meals with little to no oil.

<h2>Cook easily, <br><strong>cook safely</strong></h2>

Cook easily,
cook safely

No need to preheat, no need to stir: thanks to its automatic stirring paddle, Actifry® guarantees homogeneous cooking without any manual intervention.

And thanks to the low-fat quantity, no risks of oil splashing!

Why did More than 8 million families

choose Actifry ?

Healthy : Only one spoon of oil.
Tasty : Nutricious and Delicious food.
Versatile : Versatile cooking.
Odorless : With only one spoon of oil, and without annoying smell.
Easy to use : No need to watch out, no need to stir.
Safe : Auto-stop features. no oil splashing.
Easy to clean : Dishwasher safe and detachable cooking parts.
Made in France : Visit the Actifry production factory.

A true revolution in the kitchen

Actifry 22 patents, 10 years of research to finally reconcile tasty andd healthy food.
22 patents, 10 years of research to finally reconcile tasty andd healthy food.
only 3% fat Actifry spoon Actifry system


The Actifry® challenge is to offer a homogeneous and crispy cooking with only 3%* fat. Only one spoon of oil to enjoy perfect homemade French fries, to fully satisfy foodies who like to keep an eye on their waistline!

ActiFry Technology : Only 1 spoon of oil

our secret for
homogeneous cooking

The Actifry® technology leans on a hot air flow cooking system with ultra-fast output: 10 meters per second!

Thanks to its optimized airflow and its stirring paddle, Actifry® reproduced the Maillard reaction. It ensures crispy French fries on the outside and deliciously tender on the inside! Here is the Actifry secret!

Discover ActiFry express 1 kg - Speed
*1.2kg of fresh French fries, cut 10x10mm cooked until 55% loss weight, with 1.4cl of oil.

Cook healthy and tasty every day!

With the MyActifry mobile app, discover all possibilities of your appliance and hundreds Actifry® mouth-watering recipes suggestions for the whole family.

French fries recipes but also Provence-style Prawns, Sesame Salmon, Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Tajine with Preserved Lemons, Cinnamon Apples, Mini Banana Packets

Actifry® helps you to prep all your recipes: starters, main dishes and even desserts! For all these recipes, create your shopping list, follow the step by step recipes to execute easily each step of the preparation thanks to tips, videos and photos which guarantee delicious, perfectly cooked meals. Life becomes easier with all these functionalities at your fingertips!

Homemade French Fries and much more

With Actifry®, cooking is now easier and healthier. And not only for the French fries day! Fish, veggies, chicken & beef, dessert

Actifry® can cook a huge variety of food, with little to no fat. In brief, having an Actifry® gives you plenty of possibilities!

Sesame Salmon

Sesame Salmon

Spicy Chicken Drumsticks

Spicy Chicken Drumsticks

Medallions of Monkfish with Prawns

Medallions of Monkfish with Prawns

Caramelized Pineapple and Mango with coconut sorbet

Caramelized Pineapple and Mango with coconut sorbet

Mediterranean Vegetables

Mediterranean Vegetables

French Fries with Dill

French Fries with Dill

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Actifry mini is made for you!

Actifry Express 1 kg is made for you!

ActiFry Snacking is made for you!

Actifry Express Snacking is made for you!

Original is made for you!

ActiFry PLUS is made for you!

Actifry Expess XL is made for you!

ActiFry Express XL Plus is made for you!

Actifry mini is made for you!

Actifry mini is made for you!

Actifry mini is made for you!

Forget about stereotypes!

Created by Tefal in 2007 but already a must, Actifry is a true revolution in kitchen! Over 8 million families have already trust Actifry to have healthy and balanced cooking daily. If you are not a part of the Actifry revolution yet, here you will get convinced.

Hundreds of recipes, really?

The cookbook supplied with your Actifry contains some of the many healthy and tasty dishes that your multi cooker can prepare: paned fresh vegetables, sliced chicken with pineapple, crispy prawns ... And thanks to MyActiFry App, discover over 150 additional recipes! In short, your Actifry is made to stay on your work plan throughout the week.

The secret of Actifry for homogeneous cooking leans on a double patented technology that reproduces the Maillard reaction:

- The hot air flow cooking system transmits a constant temperature throughout the entire cooking chamber.

- The stirring paddle mixes gently the oil in the mixture and cooks each fry with the right amount of oil.

Thanks to their low fat content (only 3% against 9% in the oven, 13% in a microwave oven and 14% in a traditional fryer), your fries keep their potato taste while being crispy outside and soft inside. You can also customize and flavor your cooking by adding herbs, spices, condiments or varying different oils (olive, colza, due seed, hazelnut etc.).

Nothing is easier than cooking with Actifry: put all the ingredients in the cooking pan, add a tablespoon of oil, start the adapted cooking program... and let your Actifry do the rest! In addition, the MyActifry app guides and advises you in all your preparations.

A healthy, balanced meal is not the only benefit of cooking with one spoon of oil. Actifry allows you to cook without unpleasant odours: no need to change your clothes or to ventilate your kitchen for hours after cooking French fries.

Actifry allows you to cook more than just fries. Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits: make a complete meal, from appetizer to dessert, easily and with minimal fat!